Tuesday, 21 January 2014

DIY: Layered Burlap, Wall Storage Frame

Hello World, here are some DIY steps to turn an old frame into a wall storage frame. I was inspired by this pin on pinterest to make this project. We now use this frame to hold  mails, envelopes, bills, coupons, vouchers and other papers that otherwise lie around in a clutter of more papers. I've also added some hooks to hang keys and some clothespins to hold tiny reminders. There's also an elastic ribbon to hang glasses. Soooo Let's begin...

What You'll Need :

1. An old Frame
2. Burlap/jute cloth ( mine was about 2 yards)
3. An Elastic ribbon

4. Adhesives




1. Separate the frame and its cork board and place the burlap over the board.

 2. To know the position of the board  more clearly mark around it with a pencil.

3. Fold in the top part of the burlap over the board and use clips to hold it in place.

4.  Fold in the bottom part of the burlap over the board and use clips to hold it in place.

5. Arrange the center part of the burlap in layers. I made a total of three layers. (You could make more layers by reducing the inner depth of each pocket.)

6. Use clips to hold each layer in its proper place.

7. After arranging the layers, fold the burlap on the sides and use clips to hold the burlap firmly onto the board.

Before the next step, make sure the each layer is even.

8. Turn the board around and use glue or hot glue below the burlap to stick it onto the board (one side at a time ). I also used duct tape after gluing the burlap, so that everything stays in place in case the glue isn't strong enough to hold the burlap.

This is how the board will look once the gluing and taping is done!

9. In this step, we'll attach the elastic ribbon onto the board. Using your scissors cut two small holes on the burlap.

10. Insert the elastic through one end and pull it out the other.

11. Hot glue the two ends together and let it dry.

12. Once the glue has dried, pull the ribbon until the good side comes to the front and the glued end of the ribbon goes behind the burlap.

13. Reattach the frame.

14. Now we'll screw in some hooks. To make things easier tap slightly into the wood using pliers and an ordinary nail or the hook itself. This will create a small dent and will help to screw in the hooks more easily.

15. On the other side of the frame stick the clothespins using a hot glue gun.

16. You can divide each layer into more pockets using thumb tacks. I divided the first layer into 2, the second layer into 3 and the last layer into 4. When using thumbtacks don't use your thumbs to push the pins in because it will hurt your fingers badly. I used my pliers to press down the tacks.

Midway through I ran out of gold tacks so i colored a few yellow tacks with my gold pen.

 17. Lastly, I held up the frame using a plastic frame holder.

And Ta da!

Good Day!


  1. I love how customizable the idea is!
    On a completely unrelated note, the hearts on the banner look so cute!
    Nash(Craft A Doodle Doo)

  2. Wow! This is soooo cool :D Neat idea!


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