Wednesday, 16 May 2012

DIY Paper Inserts For iPhone Clear Case

Hello there!! :)
My sister recently got a new iPhone!! So I made these Inserts for her to use with her 'iPhone Clear Case'.
1. On a card stock paper, trace an outline for the 'insert' with your iPhone. It would be better if you can use the iPhone case to trace the outline, so that you don't risk any pencil marks on your iPhone.

2. Cut it out.

3. At the top left corner, draw a small rounded rectangle. Cut it out carefully using a craft knife. This will make sure the iPhone's camera isn't covered up by the Paper Insert. This was the most tricky step !!

4.  Paint them and let it dry. I tried a few different colours before I finalized on 'Mint'. Blue + a lit bit of green + lot of white paint = Mint Colour :) It took me too long to get the Mint color right. (Should have Googled it, hah!!)
The ones that look like indigo colour are actually purple, don't know why they look so different in this picture!

5. Tape a piece of lace to the paper . You can use glue too, but transparent tape was a simpler option.

6. Use drops of glue to stick stones and silver sequins on the paper. I cut my silver sequins into smaller squares.

7. Let it dry.

8. Last step, Put it in your iPhone Case!

Have a Good Day!!


  1. Hm. This made me want to buy a clear iPhone case(:

    1. Aww lol ! :) Thanks for visiting our Blog !

  2. wow, these look really nice! I think gluing the jems directly on the phone case will also look really nice.


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