Friday, 24 August 2012

DIY: Mini Teacup Notebook

My Dad is a Tea lover and he will drink tea, even its offered to him at midnight! :D
So, I made this mini teacup shaped notebook for him!

What You'll Need:

1. Measure 12cm width and 6.4cm height on the paper. Cut it.
 I've cut only 7 sheets of Paper.
 2. Fold the papers in half.
 3. Measure the Cardboard Paper 18.5 cm in width and 7.4 cm in height. Cut it.
 4. Fold it in half.
5. Position the papers on the Cardboard paper using paper clips. I couldn't find any paper clips so I used Bobby pins! :D

6. Staple the papers onto the Cardboard paper. Make sure the staple pin's pointy ends fold in the inside.
 7. Draw a Cup with curvy edges on the notebook.
     My Bobby pins have left black marks on my book but that'll be gone when we paint over it.
8. Use a craft knife to cut a hole through the cup's handle. If you use enough pressure on the front cover of the book, it'll leave a print on the back cover. This will make it easy to cut a hole on the back cover.

9.Cut out the remaining unwanted portion of the book.
10. Outline the cup with a black marker. 
11. Paint it. I've used Acrylic paint. Let it Dry.
12. Outline the cup again if you've over painted over the previous outline.
( Midway through, I changed the cup's colour to a lighter blue :P )
Next, I'm making a 'Tea tag'  bookmark for the notebook. 
You'll need:
13. Paint the rounded square cardboard. Let it dry.
14. Punch a hole in it.
15. Write a little message at the front and back of the Tea Tag.

16. Measure and Cut a string of Embroidery thread.
 17. Apply glue on the inner joint of the back cover. Place the embroidery thread over it. Let it Dry.
 18. Tie the Tea tag at the other end of the embroidery string.
 19. Apply one more coat of glue on the String at the inner joint. Let it Dry.
And here's the Tea Cup!

Good Day!!


  1. What a lovely tutorial! This is an adorable idea [:

    I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog [on the post about celebrating breakfast], and ask you, what's your favorite thing to eat for BK? [:

    1. [I replied to your comment, by the way :D]

    2. Thank you Juliette! :D
      I'm following your Blog on Bloglovin'!
      I Love Cereal and Tea/Coffee For Breakfast!! :)

  2. That's a cute little teacup! Love it!


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