Thursday, 13 September 2012

DIY: Heart Wall Decor

Here's really simple craft piece I did for my wall! :)

What You'll Need:
  1. Dark and light Pink color papers
  2. Card stock paper
  3. Gold Paint
  4. Scissors, Glue and a Pencil
  1. Fold a piece of card stock paper in half.
 2. Draw one side of a heart on the folded card stock paper.
 3. Cut it.
 4. Fold the Pink paper into equal parts. Cut it into halves, so you'll have 2 folded pieces of pink papers.
5. Fold the paper into a second half.
 6. Use the previously cut out heart to trace a heart on the folded pink paper.

 7. Cut out the hearts. Unfold the paper. Cut the papers at the division.

8. Repeat all the above steps with the dark pink paper. Stick the cut pink papers on a card stock paper or chart paper.
9. Paint some of the hearts with gold paint. Let it dry.

10.Last step, Stick it on your wall.

Good Day!


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