Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hand Painted Tote - Pink Tulips with Golden Sequins

I bought a plain Tote from Daiso for just Dhs 7 and hand painted it today. Here's what I used Acrylic Paint (White, Green and Pink), Glue and Gold Sequins.
Iron the Tote if it's surface is wrinkled. This will help you to draw and paint smoothly.
Draw a Sample Tulip at the corner of the Tote with a pencil . Draw the head of the flower first, then the stem and last it's leaves. If you find it hard to draw on the Tote, use an Embroidery Hoop to secure the Tote's Fabric in place and then draw.

Draw the head of the flower at different parts of the Tote leaving adequate space for stems and leaves.

Then draw in the stems and leaves.
Paint the tulips a light shade of Pink, i.e a lot of white + a tiny drop of red.
Paint the stems and leaves a very light shade of green i.e lots of white + a drop of 'Sap Green'.
Draw a border for the Tulip's flower part using dark pink.
Let it dry for 24 hours.
Once the paint has dried completely, iron the back side of the Tote.

I'm using  UHU's all purpose glue to stick golden sequins onto the tote.
Place dots of glue on each of the tulip's pink part.
Gently dip the pointed side of a pencil in a tiny bit of glue and use the same end to pick sequins. Picking sequins using a pencil will prevent your hands from getting messy with glue.
Press down the sequins using the pencil, onto the spot where you previously applied the dots of glue.

Place dots of glue randomly on the remaining white parts of the Tote and place sequins on them.
Let it dry for a few hours.

And this is what you have when your tote is done. :)

Good Day!!


  1. How fun is that! You are so creative and clever. Your tote looks fantastic. May you smile whenever you use it.
    Blessing hugs,

    1. Aww!! Thank you so much Teresa!! That's really sweet of you!! :):):)
      And thanks for visiting our Blog!! :):)


  2. Really beautiful and so lovely to see something so different
    Lindsay xx

    1. Thank you so much Lindsay!!!! :) :)
      Thanks a lot for visiting our blog!! :) :)


  3. What a pretty tote! I enjoy making things (and thus, am enjoying making LOTS of things for my upcoming wedding), so this brightened my day. I'm not sure I would have had the patience to glue all those little sequins on, though. :)

    1. Thank you so much Dawn!! :) All the best for your Wedding!! :) :)
      and Thanks for visiting our Blog!! :) :)


  4. What a lovely tote, turned out so well.

  5. I love this idea , very pretty and clever x


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