Tuesday, 14 January 2014

DIY: Clothespin Magnets

Hello World! Here's me making yet another Pinterest inspired craft i.e The Clothespin Magnets. You most probably have all the materials you need to make this at home except ...well the magnetic sheet and clothespins. My mom already had a magnetic sheet with her and she got it from 'Dirham Plaza' (I think they have it at Daiso too) and I bought the clothespin from somewhere in India, but you can find it here at Daiso and they have clothespins in different sizes like really small ones and a packet of each costs Dhs7 . Sooo...Let's Begin...

What You'll Need:

Not pictured: A Hot Glue Gun


1. Place a clothespin on the papers and trace it.

2. Cut the papers.

3. Apply Modpodge/Glue on the Clothespin and stick the papers on it.

4. Let it Dry.

5. Measure another Clothespin on the lace tape and mark it.

6. Cut, Peel and Stick em on! I cut the pink  tape into smaller bits and then stuck it.

7. On the remaining pegs I drew patterns with a felt pen and my Artline Gold calligraphy pen. I use my Gold calligraphy pen for everything except....Calligraphy!! 

8. Time to cut out the Magnets. Place the magnet on the sheet and trace it.

9. Cut it.

10. I later decided to cut some more edges off the magnet! (I know...wasted some magnet!)

11. Put some glue on the pegs. I used ordinary UHU glue on some and used a glue gun for the remaining ones.

12. Place the cut pieces of magnet on top of the glue. Press it down and let it dry.

And Voila!

I think I'll use my magnetic clothespin on the fridge to hold my Take out Menus! Anyhow I later removed the magnet off from few of my clothespin ( yup wasted magnets again!) and hot glued them onto the Main door of our home, the kitchen door and on one of the walls in the kitchen. We usually tape little notes or reminders on the doors for the other person to read but now its a lot easier to just hold it with a clothespin rather than hunting for tape at night! So hope you like this DIY and Good Day!

Have a Good Day!


  1. Cool :)
    I think I can try these out with glitter and washi tape but I love the floral pattern and lace you used :)
    -Nash (Craft A Doodle Doo)


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