Wednesday, 29 August 2012

DIY: Headband with Beads and Pearls

Here's a Headband I made for my Niece. It's very easy to make and cute! :D

What You'll Need:
  1. Plain Headband
  2. Satin Ribbon
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Felt
  6. Cardboard Paper
  7. Rhinestones
  8. Beads
  9. Pearls
  10. Hot Glue Gun
  11. Needle and thread

1. Apply glue at the tip of the headband and begin wrapping the headband with the ribbon.
2. Apply glue each time you wrap.

3. Keep wrapping till the whole headband is covered.
4. If the second tip of the headband remains uncovered, cut out a small piece of ribbon and glue it to the tip.

5. Let the headband dry.
6. On a folded piece of felt, draw a flower. When you cut it, you'll get two flowers.
7. Trace one of the flowers on the cardboard paper.
8. Cut the cardboard paper flower. I'm using the cardboard flower to make the flower piece a little stronger.

9. Sew on some pearls.

10. Apply Glue in the center of the flower.
11. Put some beads at the center of the flower. I've used silverish and whiteish beads at the center. I topped it with some green, blue and dark blue tube beads. On the petals apply glue and sprinkle the whiteish and silverish beads on it.
12. To make sure that the beads don't fall off, apply a coat of glue on the Beads again as a sealer. Let it Dry.
13. Once the beaded flower has dried, stick the cardboard flower and the second piece of felt together with glue, on it's back.
14. Use a Hot Glue Gun to stick the Flower piece onto the headband. Let it dry.

15. lastly, stick some Rhinestones onto the headband using the Hot Glue Gun. Let it dry.
 And  Here's the Headband once everything is done! :)
Good Day!


  1. I like this DIY on how to make a decorated headband. I have tried to make a few headbands from kits and they come out beautiful. But there is something different about making from scratch.
    I'm really glad I saw you over at the Better Blogger Network.
    Stop by my blog as well!

    1. Thank you So much Jessica!! :)
      Heading to your blog now!! :)


  2. Really beautiful and a fabulous tutorial thanks for sharing
    Lindsay xx


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