Friday, 9 March 2012

Home Grown Carrots

Here in the United Arab Emirates, Winter is from November to March, which I think is the best time for gardening . Every year I plant different seeds in containers and pots and this year I planted Carrots, Basil, Carnations and Marigold.

I also bought a White Rose Plant, a Rosemary Plant and a Mint Plant since these are quite hard to grow from seeds.








Carnation Bud

Today morning I harvested some of my carrots. They were quite small in size, I guess that's because I did not use any fertilizer or maybe because I pulled them out too early. They had a lovely earthy smell and tasted sweet.

Home Grown Carrots

The best thing about growing carrots in pots are they don't need much maintenance and there is never a problem of pest attacks. I've left some of the carrots back in the pot, just to see if they can grow a bit more.

All my plants are kept outside the window so they receive enough sunlight and I water them once everyday according to  the temperature or as needed.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Good day!!

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