Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DIY: Pot Holders

Here is a tutorial for small pot holders. It is very useful and great as a gift.

Things Needed:
Cotton material
Matching thread
Sewing machine  or Thread and needle

How To Do:
Make a pattern of 8"long  and 3 1/2"wide.(Mine, one side width is little less  for thumb finger. It is easier if both sides are same width). Make a pattern of  3 1/2"wide and 2 1/2"long for the top.

Keep the big pattern on the material , mark and cut two pieces adding seam allowance.

Cut two pieces of the smaller pattern adding seam allowance around and for folding .(If you are making one side thinner cut one of that width).Before cutting you can add some embroidery too.

Cut one or two pieces of batting using big pattern, depending on the thickness. (There is a  batting called insulbright which we do not get here, so i used cotton batting two layers.You can use thick bath towel also. If using anything thick, cut the batting to the pattern size ,do not add seam allowance).

Fold and stitch bottom of the two small pieces.

Now keep one big piece right side facing down, keep the batting on top. Stitch these two layers together. (I did stippling).

Keep the other big piece, right side facing up, and keep the small pieces on both sides, with right sides up. Pin and baste stitch around.

Now keep the piece with batting right side up and batting down. Keep the other piece right side down. Pin and stitch around leaving about two inches . Snip around the rounded edges and turn inside out.Push the sides out and press. Whip stitch the opening by hand or machine.

Hope you enjoyed trying this.

Have A Nice Day!!

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