Thursday, 26 January 2012

DIY Ironing Board Cover

This is my first DIY.  I have seen many tutorials of the same .This is my way of doing it. Hope it is easy to understand.

Things needed :
  • 3/4 Yard of 60 inch wide cotton material
  • marker
  • matching thread
  • scissor
  • elastic about 75inch long
  • sewing machine

Instructions :

First lay the material on the ironing board, wrong side up. Mark around it with a chalk or marker.

Measure the height. Mine is 3/4inch.

Lay the material on a table. Add 3 1/4+3/4=4 inch to the marked measurement.

Cut around.

First stitch 1/4 inch around or serge.

Now fold 1 inch and iron for casing. Little folds here and there is ok. 

Stitch around leaving 2 inch for threading elastic.

After threading  tie or stitch elastic and stitch the opening .

Enjoy your new ironing board !!!

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