Tuesday, 7 August 2012

DIY: Air-Dry Clay Bowl with Beads

Have some Air-Dry Clay at home? Then make a pretty little Bowl like this! :)

What You'll Need:
( You can use a rolling pin or any thing else to roll the clay!)

 1. Soften and Roll the Clay into a smooth ball using your hands.
 2. Flatten the clay using a roller . Allow the clay to have some thickness, so that it does not break.
 3. Apply Vaseline all over the backside of the bowl. This will help you to remove the clay easily from the bowl once the clay has dried.
 4. Gently place the clay on the bowl and press it down till it covers the bowl completely.

 5. Smooth the edges by letting any excess clay collect at the open side of the bowl.
 6. Use a Craft knife to trim the clay. This will get rid of the excess clay at the open side of the bowl.
7. Now let the clay Air dry for 24 hours or more. I highly recommend that you do NOT check the bowl every few hours like I did. Because if you are impatient like me, then you'll have a funny shaped bowl at the end! : P 
8. Once you know the clay has dried completely, gently separate the clay bowl from the original bowl.

(Air-Dry Clay Tip: If your Clay is drying faster than you can work with it, then use a little bit of water to soften the clay!)

Some More Things You'll Need to Design the Bowl:
 As you can see in this picture my Clay Bowl has already got some beads on it. Here's what I had done earlier- before the clay had dried, I pressed some (or as many beads I could) onto the bowl. This was a pretty hard step and a worthless try! Because the clay kept threatening to harden and I had to use a lot of pressure to make the beads stick  onto the clay. And Once the clay dried - the beads started falling out everywhere!
So here is an easier step using 'Glue'(Mod Podge) to stick the beads.
9. Apply a generous amount of glue on the Clay Bowl.
10. Sprinkle Beads over the Glue. Place a sheet of paper or a piece of cloth underneath the Bowl before you sprinkle the beads, because they are going to be falling everywhere.
11. Let it Dry for a few Hours.
12. Once it has dried. Apply an additional coat of Glue on the Beads. This will make sure that the Beads won't fall off after the glue has dried.

13. Paint the opening of the Bowl with 'Acrylic-Metallic Gold Paint'.

14. Paint the inside of the Bowl.

15. Let it Dry for a few Hours.
(See the funny shape of my Bowl...this is what happens if you keep touching the Bowl too many times before it dries :P)
Once the paint has dried...Use your Bowl to Hold anything you like Except 'Food or any Liquids'!!
These are some coins from an old Coin Collection Hobby I had!

Good Day


  1. wow !!! brilliant idea and the beads on the outside look really lovely :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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